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Brazilwood & Pernambuco Bows

*** Please note all bows are "NEW" unless otherwise stated.






all enquiries to Moseley  Violins 0121 693 1214



At Moseley Violins, we stock a range of bows made from brazilwood and pernambuco woods,

round or octagonal sticks, with nickel silver, silver and gold mountings.

Most of our stock are hand picked from our suppliers whose reps visit us on a regular basis,

so please check on our availability. Do also check our range of Carbon Bow page

for our range of carbon bows.

Handmade bows of distinction are available by commission from local maker A. Reis ,native from Brazil. 

Other brands from Brazil are bows from


all made with Brazilian pernambuco wood .

Both nickel and silver mounted violin , viola and cello bows are available upon request,

including specially decorated mother of pearl and silver inlays , and Fleur d' Lys  inlays


From our other UK suppliers we stock bows from :

THE SOUND POST: Best work from China including Concertante,  Orchestra, L G Chen.

GEWA:  German and Swiss Atelier from Alfred Knoll,

WE Dorfler, Franz Bergner,

Otto Durrschmidt , Stenzil

STENTOR: German and Swiss Atelier from Finkel, W Ernst, Valois,

 Kuhnla, Lefin, Dorfler, Knoll, & E Bernard



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CS8/ 63a An Antique violin bow by W E Hill & Sons; Branded "H & S "  Made by William Johnston c1946 £3,000.00



CS7/57 A Handmade Violin bow by Jutta Walcher c1990-2000 London; apprenticed to Garner Wilson ;Pernambuco wood stick silver mounted  £1,800.00


CS8 75  HANDMADE bow by Daniel Schmidt ,mid  1980’s, Germany, Pernambuco wood stick; Silver mounted £1,450.00


Renato Casara  Copy Hill model; Pernambuco wood stick Plain ebony  frog silver button Black lapping; 61gm £1,000.00

Roderick Paesold 3 stars Branded on stick and Paesold crest on ebony frog Pernambuco wood stick, Parisian inlay Silver wire lapping; 62 gm  £1,140.00

JonPaul Carrera Pernambuco wood stick, Silver mounted; silver tip 60gm £1,031.00

CS7 59e ANTIQUE violin bow by J T Lamy , worn brand, Pernambuco wood stick,  re-tipped; 62 gm



A new violin bow by Lefin Swiss Made, Pernambuco wood stick with silver mounting £916.00



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A new violin bow branded Edward Moulin, Pernambuco wood stick, silver mounted £637.00


 A new violin bow , Branded A Carlesso; Made in Brazil, Pernambuco wood stick, silver mounted £600.00


CS7 59d An Antique violin bow made by Gustave Prager; Germany ; Pernambuco wood stick, silver mounted. This bow is fractured at head but  has been previously pinned.                                 £600.00


 A new Violin bow; branded Alfred Knoll , Pernambuco wood stick silver mounted £540.00

A new violin bow , branded Marco Raposo, Made in Brazil, £375.00

A new violin bow; branded W E Dorfler decoratd silver button, Pernambuco wood stick £360.00


A new violin bow; branded A Nerdi by Sousa bows, Brazil nickel silver mounted £325.00


A new violin bow by Erwin Mahler £219.00




A new violin bow branded W Zapf Pernambuco wood stick, £192.00


A new violin bow , unbranded made in China ,Pernambuco wood stick, silver mounted £197.00






An Antique viola bow , branded Daniel Moinel ; pernambuco wood stick £1,800.00


W E Dorfler Silver mounted with silver lined slide and decorated button




A New viola bow; branded ORCHESTRA, Nickel mounted



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CS6/ 83B French Handmade Cello bow handmade by Louis Morizot, late 1920's 83gm

Excellent example by this important French bowmaker, Ivory frog ,

 silver mounted with silver wire lappping, abalone shell slide







CS6/ 100b German Cello bow by J Gerhard Penzel Branded with ***

Octagonal pernambuco wood stick Branded ebony frog, silver mounted





Alfred Knoll BA512 3/4 Double Bass Bow


A handmade Double Bass bow by Brian Tunnicliffe, London c 2000; Pernambuco wood stick, silver mounted £2,500.00
CS7 81b Bazin Vanelli Bass Bow



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